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Local Love

More than coffee.

Since opening our doors in 2013, we’ve been honored and inspired to host an incredible variety of art and crafts from area artists and artisans.

To support their entrepreneurial adventure, we’ve rounded up the their contact information and website (if available), so you can pass along your praise, place an order, or book a show at your establishment.

We know each and every one would love to hear from you!

Month Artist’s Name Featured


Apr’18 Dimitriy Gritsenko Assorted Works Artist's Instagram
Feb’18 Jessy Frey Assorted Works Artist's Instagram
Jan’18 Diana Jean Oliphant Assorted Illustrations Artist's Website
Nov’17 Moni La Artivista Assorted Works Artist's Website
Oct’17 Little Talia (Talia Silveri Wright) Miniaturist Art Installation Artist's Website
Aug’17 Auntie Poonchi (Francis Roberson) Illustrative Art
July’17 Lisa Hagen Glynn Photography Artist's Website
June’17 Judith Leckrone Lee Botanical Art Photography
May’17 Conor Musgrave Conor Musgrave – Photography Artist’s Website
Apr’17 Diana Jean Oliphant Pieces from "Reflections", "The Landscape Revisited", "Perseverance" Artist's Website
Mar’17 Gretchen Anthony From a Dog's View
Feb’17 Spencer William Abstract, Spray Paint - Assorted Works Artist's Instagram
Artist's Website
Jan’17 John Paul DeGennaro Eyes Wide Open - Assorted Framed Works Artist's Instagram
Contact the artist
Dec’16 Honeyberry Studios Mindfulness Artist’s Shop
Oct’16 Shawn Nichols Assorted Photographs Artist’s Website
Sept’16 Lisa Glynn Assorted Photographs Artist’s Website
Aug’16 Becca Hines Assorted Portraits Artist’s Blog
Jul’16 Conor Musgrave Conor Musgrave – Photography Artist’s Website
Jun’16 S Jordin Animal Friends Portraits Artist’s Website
May’16 Jennifer Patterson Jennifer Patterson Artist’s Website
Apr’16 Seattle Arts & Lectures with Children’s Hospital Seattle Arts & Lectures with Children’s Hospital Artist’s Website
Mar’16 Amanda Teicher Fine Art Amanda Teicher Artist’s Website
Feb’16 Kelly Jackson Valentines Illustrations Artist’s Website
Jan ’16 Mary Clymer Felt Flowers & Art Artist’s Website
Dec ’15 Magic Lantern Montessori Magic Lantern Artist's Website
Nov ’15 Jodi-Ann Burey A Collection from For Colored Girls Who Travel Artist’s Website
Oct ’15 John Hunter Artist’s Website
Sep ’15 Honeyberry Studios Happiness Is… Artist’s Website
Aug ’15 Brandon Olorin Shea A Graphite & Pen Collection Artist’s Website
Jul ’15 Carissa Meier Beeswax Encaustic Paintings Artist’s Website
Jun ’15 Connie Ostrowski Portraits Artist’s Website
May ’15 Event Mother’s Day Craft Show (list in progress) Assorted Crafts
May ’15 Dave Cohen + Katrina Assorted Works
Apr ’15 Sara Lee Assorted Paintings
Mar ’15 Betty Franks Mixed Media Art Artist’s Website
Feb ’15 Kelly Jackson Valentines Illustrations Artist’s Website
Jan ’15 Britt Peterson Assorted Paintings Artist’s Website
Dec ’14 Handmade Holiday Craft Bazaar (list in progress) Assorted Crafts
Nov & Dec ’14 12 Days of Christmas (list in progress) Assorted Works
Oct ’14 Kevin Kempton Travel Photography
Aug & Sep ’14 Joya Iverson Travel the World Artist’s Website
Jul ’14 Mary Clymer Felt Flowers & Art Artist’s Website
Jun ‘ 14 Chloe Allred Assorted Paintings Artist’s Website
May ’14 Brett Dedman Oil Paintings thmhenry at aol dot com
Apr ’14 Marcus Leslie A Window Into My Mind Artist’s Website
Mar ’14 Rachelle Rose Painted (Reclaimed) Records Artist’s Website
Feb ’14 Dick Matthies Assored Watercolor Works Artist’s Website
Jan ’14 Robin Crookall Large Scale Art Artist’s Website
Nov & Dec ’13 Kyle Schumacher Stained Glass: Leaves & Lights Artist’s Website
Oct ’13 Gerrit Vyn Wildlife Photography Artist’s Website