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Meet Joya

Joya Iverson

  • World-class marketing strategist & analyst, with 15+ years experience creating & optimizing money-making ideas and processes  for high-profile companies (fluent in subscription-based business models, retail and travel models, non-profits, and most everything in-between)

  • Loves connecting with people & places around the world—can speak Amharic, Indonesian, Spanish, some Turkish, French & Norwegian after working abroad and tries to learn a new Somali word at every opportunity
  • Travel blogger, photographer:
  • Rainier Valley resident for 10 years, Hillman City homeowner for 7 years
  • Avid gardener, knitter, cyclist (mountain & road), backcountry snowboarder, outdoor enthusiast and ukulele player with a penchant for covering songs you never thought could be covered
  • Survived one incredible year of “un-adventure” resting on her couch, recovering from a traumatic brain injury and then some (after miraculously walking away from a brutal car crash) all while retaining a great appreciation for comedy, the amazing abundance of beauty and kindness in every-day life

Hear her story and relive those first fun (and crazy-busy) days getting ready for the grand opening, & finally opening the doors to Tin Umbrella Coffee, with thanks to Seattle Channel and Ralph Bevins: