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Meet Beef

Eric “Beef” Thorberg

Civil Engineer (by weekday) & Coffee Roaster (by weekend).

Eric "Beef" Thorberg is a mythical creature that few have seen.
He comes to Tin Umbrella early Saturday mornings and roasts the coffee, to perfection, with his secret recipe (that exists solely in his head for secrecy), only to disappear without a trace.
We've heard rumblings that he is married to a wonderful high school art teacher/supreme artist and that he has two fun-loving kids but we can’t really be sure.
He enjoys dancing the night away in various places around Seattle, cooking pizza in his self-made outdoor pizza oven, and adopting as many kittens as he can get his hands on.
(Don’t take any of this bio too seriously.)
But seriously, one thing we do know: Tin Umbrella Coffee would not be possible without our Uncle Beef.