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New at Tin Umbrella for Spring!

Cold Brew Coffee and Steak Rub

Spring is here and the sun has finally decided to come out in Seattle and you know what that means: iced coffee and BBQ season are upon us! ☀️

Cold-Brewed coffee

We use our single-origin Ethiopian, Sidamo to make exquisite cold brewed coffee, as the lighter roast and cold water extraction highlight sweet and fruity blueberry notes of this coffee, for a brew that’s smooth tasting (never acidic.) Cold brewed coffee is a great coffee beverage for sensitive stomachs.

This year we are excited to introduce pre-mixed and bottled ready-to-go cold brewed coffee in our grab and go fridge! Perfect for car rides, camping trips, and other adventures. Throw it in your bag or cooler and you're good to go!

Growlers of cold brewed coffee concentrate also available.



Coffee Steak Rub

Also, a fan favorite: coffee steak rub is back in stock! Made in-house by our manager (and former chef) Octavia, coffee steak rub incorporates our very own Hillman City Global Blend along with a secret mix of herbs and spices for a delectable blend of sweet and spicy with a hint of smokiness that's scrumptious! Great on steak, chicken and veggies! 

Available in store only! 


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